What does this course offer?

A suite of resources created for teachers of Applied Technology. These resources are designed to complement our book and help support teachers in the classroom. 

What resources are offered?

We will continue to grow and improve the teaching resources we offer.

  • Chapter Presentations
  • Chapter Quizzes
  • Chapter Crosswords & Solutions
  • Chapter Tests
  • Solutions & Marking Schemes
  • Excel Planning Tools
  • Applied Technology Projects

Can I take a closer look at this course?

Sure. Please take a moment to watch our video overview below.

How do teachers gain access to this course?

The best way to access this course is to use our books with your students. We provide free access for the academic year to support teachers who use our books. Teachers may also purchase access to this course for teachers and students in their school for €250.

How long does the setup process take?

It will take no more than 24 hours for teachers to be setup with access to this course once your order has been confirmed. This wait is because each teacher has to be manually enrolled in the course.

Where can I find more information on this?

Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page or send us an email through our Contact page. We are always delighted to hear from teachers and do our best to meet your needs.