About Us


In August 2018 we sat down to discuss the learning resources that we would like our students to have.

During our conversation we realised the need to bridge the gap between theory and practical work in Wood Technology.  These two aspects of the subject were always at odds with each other.  The traditional textbook approach often lead to a halt in practical work and a reduction in student engagement.

Our discussion then progressed to a more student-centred approach where all students in the room have the tools they need to maximise their learning, engagement and autonomy.  This approach to teaching Wood Technology sees each student being an active member of the class while developing both knowledge and skills at the same time.

With all the content of a traditional textbook, thought-provoking activities and informative images throughout; our books offer each student the opportunity to truly succeed at Junior Cycle Wood Technology.

A Message of Thanks...

Our focus from the beginning has been to create and distribute teaching resources that we would like to use in our own classrooms with our own students.  As the number of teachers and students using our books and resources increase, we would like to sincerely thank everyone for their support to date.

We really do appreciate it!

We look forward to doing our best to deliver the best resources possible to you and your students.

Peter & Richard